Fire Fighters Fighting Fire!

Our Mission

Crisis Oversight is a US-based, veteran led company bringing you the next generation of emergency communication and information technology. It is our goal to support our finest in their mission to protect their communities and save lives. With the Crisis Oversight service we hope to provide a comprehensive solution that significantly enhances response, coordination, and management no matter the emergency.

Our Developing Tech

Utilizing our own low power, resilient ad hoc radio network, our service is able to provide real time data from the field and share it with onsite and remote team members. Ground personnel carrying our Crisis Beacons, will be able to broadcast their live longitude, latitude, and altitude coordinates along with other valuable sensor data. Our hands free Crisis HUD, will allow users in the field to view alerts, objects of interest on their map, and various sensor feeds without slowing down. Leadership using Crisis Oversight Cloud, will be able to see their team’s real time location and will have a full suite of tools to simplify coordination with personnel in the field.

Ad Hoc Radio Graphic
Agency graphics!
Agency graphics!
Agency graphics!

We want to hear from you!

In order to best support firefighters, we need to hear from those that have firsthand experience and can give us feedback on our services. If you are interested in helping us in our mission to make emergency response safer and more effective, we want to hear from you!